The Fastest, Most Efficient Data Replication Solution Available


SQData’s eXtreme Performance Data Replicator (XPDR) is designed for companies with big data and high transaction volumes. XPDR can be deployed quickly and provides the power and reliability required for critical data replication processes. The performance and efficiency of XPDR is leveraged via SQData’s auto-map technology and enterprise-class changed data capture framework, resulting in low latency and rapid throughput. XPDR has a proven track record of outperforming other z/OS replication products in overall speed, lower CPU consumption and the time required for deployment.


  • Multi-dimensional solution
  • Addresses multiple business needs
  • Cost effective with a measurable ROI
  • Significantly lower CPU consumption than other products
  • Can be deployed within days with minimal personnel
  • Doesn’t require other products in order to run

Key Features

  • Cross-platform database comparison
  • Supports DB2 and other relational databases such as Oracle and SQL-Server
  • Highly scalable and configurable
  • Ideal for active/active or active/passive continuous availability setups
  • Includes near-real time XML event publishing
  • Population of data warehouse
  • Includes advanced data integration capabilities
  • Real-time performance metrics and alerts