Improving database performance while reducing resource usage (CPU, MSU, I/O, etc.) can be key in effectively managing business process. When the demand on your mainframe system resources continues to trend upwards, due to growing workloads from current business activity plus new mobile and big data workloads, application optimization becomes paramount.

tableBASE can help you to get control of rising resource usage, and related operational costs, without sacrificing database performance.

tableBASE is able to do this by augmenting your database—it is a virtual database accelerator—enabling you to access reference data up to 100 times faster than is possible using any other technique.

DataKinetics tableBASE is an in-memory accelerator that manages mainframe-based in-memory tables for use in transaction-intense corporate environments. Applied to a single application, it can reduce resource use considerably, and dramatically reduce run times for the most transaction-intense batch and online environments. Applied to many applications, it improves mainframe performance system-wide, making mainframe data more accessible and available, reducing the need for upgrades, and increasing capacity for new workloads.

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  • Performance, throughput and capacity improvements
  • Batch capacity and batch window performance improvements
  • Online capacity and performance improvements
  • Mainframe cost control
  • Lower cost per transaction
  • MIPS optimization
  • Controllable changes to data that incorporate data integrity and corporate security protocols
  • Extended legacy system value
  • A ready and available stream of outside experts who are available
  • More efficient applications
  • Fraud detection optimization and augmentation
  • DB2, IMS, VSAM and virtually any type of data storage performance optimization above and beyond what you have already done—regardless of version improvements
  • Improved billing efficiency
  • Index free data storage—controllable by the application developer at run time