Real-Time Verification / Synchronization for Relational Databases

SQData LiveCheck Relational is a high-performance, cross-platform relational database comparison tool designed to verify the level of synchronization between two (2) or more active databases without having to take an application outage. Managed through a web-based control center, LiveCheck Relational provides you with the ability to continually monitor multiple databases to determine if they are in-sync, alert you if a discrepancy is found and provide you with a method of re-synchronizing the databases, if required. When used with our SQData CDC solution, LiveCheck takes immediate action on any conflicts that occur during replication so you can address the issue as soon as it happens.


  • Ideal for relational databases that are being replicated to one (1) or more target databases
  • Faster detection of out-of-sync conditions
  • Compare multiple databases while they are online and active
  • Avoid the need to take an application outage for comparison
  • On demand synchronization of target databases with source databases
  • An attractive alternative to Oracle GoldenGate Veridata


Key Features

  • Designed for extreme performance for installations with high transaction rates
  • Plug-n-play operation that can be deployed and maintained with minimal effort
  • Provides the ability to resynchronize individual rows or sets of rows
  • Managed via SQData’s web-based Control Center
  • Compares heterogeneous databases (i.e. DB2 to Oracle, SQL Server to MySQL)
  • Supports all major relational databases
  • Parallel execution enables you to run multiple comparisons concurrently
  • Standalone, non-intrusive operation
  • Alerts allow you to be notified when a discrepancy is detected