SQData offers a complete end-to-end replication solution for customers who have a need to synchronize their relational and/or non-relational data with near-real-time latency.


  • Supports IMS, VSAM, DB2, Oracle and other RDBMS
  • Multi-Directional Replication – for customers seeking to implement an ‘Active-Active’ replication solution, SQData has the ability to perform multi-directional replication between two (2) or more subsystems with low latency
  • Conflict Detection and Monitoring – comprehensive conflict detection monitoring identifies conflicts that may occur during replication and performs the corrective action(s) to be taken
  • Highly Scalable – ideal for high-volume transaction workloads and/or where isolation of certain data is required
  • Heterogeneous Capability – allows you to capture data changes from one database type and apply the changes to a different database format
  • Rapid Deployment – implementing a replication framework with SQData can be done more quickly and with fewer resources than with other 3rd party products
  • SmartApply™ Technology – facilitates conflict detection and resolution while ensuring that the most current data resides in the target database