SQData enables you to quickly perform complex data conversions across different database types while allowing for a phased implementation with data synchronization.


  • High-Performance ETL – allows you to quickly perform source data unloads, transformation/conversion and loads into your new target databases. The same transformation logic used for the initial loads can be leveraged for ongoing data synchronization
  • Ongoing Data Synchronization – allows you to perform a phased cutover from your old databases to your new databases by keeping the source and target systems synchronized
  • Heterogeneous Capability – allows you to convert data from one database type into a different database format
  • Rapid Deployment – data conversions can be done much faster and with fewer resources than with other data conversion tools
  • Leverage Technology for Other Business Needs – in addition to providing data conversion/migration capabilities, SQData allows you to address other business needs such as real-time data delivery into a data warehouse/business intelligence application, business event publishing and/or data replication