SQData provides a comprehensive changed data capture (CDC) solution for optimizing your existing ETL processes by eliminating the need for costly bulk data unloads.


  • Eliminates Costly Batch Cycles – considerable CPU cost savings can be realized by capturing only the data that has changed as opposed to full extracts of source databases
  • Near-Real-Time Data Delivery – allows downstream applications to work with current data rather than ‘day old’ data
  • Multiple Integration Options – integration with existing ETL processes can be performed via staging tables, message queues and/or files
  • Works in Harmony with Existing ETL Products – allows you to leverage your investment in your existing ETL product while streamlining the overall method of data delivery
  • Leverage Technology for Other Business Needs – in addition to augmenting our existing ETL processes, you have the ability to use the SQData technology for other business needs such as data replication, business event publishing, data conversion, etc.