SQData’s changed data capture technology provides real-time detection of key business events allowing you to take immediate action on the event(s).


  • Detect Key Business Events as they Happen – trouble ticket escalations, large orders, out-of-stock conditions are examples of business events that you may want to be aware of immediately
  • Near-Real-Time Detection – allows you to take action on a key business event within seconds
  • Augmentation – enables you to gather and materialize the business event with other data before sending the event to downstream applications
  • Multiple Data Delivery Formats – XML, binary or delimited format to queues, files or ports
  • Rapid Deployment – implement a business event publishing framework with fewer resources and less overhead than with other 3rd party products
  • Leverage Technology for Other Business Needs – in addition to providing business event detection, SQData provides you with the ability to address other business needs such as real-time data delivery into a data warehouse or business intelligence application, data conversions and/or data replication