SQData’s IMS, Db2, and VSAM CDC connectors provides near-real-time changed data capture and ingestion of complex IMS data structures directly into Kafka without any source to target data mapping. JSON / Avro messages are automatically generated from the source structure definition, allowing you to focus on analytics.


  • Near-real-time streaming of IMS data
  • Enables trending / time-series analytics
  • Reduces the dependency on costly ETL jobs
  • Simplifies complex IMS data structures
  • Addresses multiple use cases
  • Compliments popular integration platforms
  • Deploys quickly
  • Cost effective
  • Extremely versatile


  • Designed for high-volume / high throughput
  • Extremely versatile
  • Two (2) options for capturing changed IMS data
  • Data capture exit
  • Log based capture (x’99’s)
  • Automatic generation of JSON / Avro messages
  • Requires zero source to target field mapping
  • Handles redefines, occurs and segment hierarchy
  • Highly scalable
  • Dynamic topic selection / partitioning at Runtime
  • Supports IMS data sharing