Fast, flexible, efficient.

Instant CloningExpert (ICE) automates and controls the processes required to create a homogeneous system copy or to clone DB2 objects. It addresses and solves all most common problems incurred when creating copies. ICE allows you to:

  • Fully exploit instant copies like ESS FlashCopy, Timefinder, and Snapshot
  • Automate and drastically speed up cloning
  • Create and refresh quality assurance or data warehouse environments that duplicate production
  • Duplicate entire subsystems or just the data
  • Refresh and merge clones

ICE supports two methods of cloning; homogeneous system copies and homogeneous object copies.

Homogeneous System Copy (HSC) clones an entire DB2 subsystem with load libraries (optionally) and supports extremely fast low-level renaming and XML exits. HSC supports every way of cloning, both online or offline:

  • Data sharing to data sharing
  • Non-data sharing to non-data sharing
  • Data sharing to non-data sharing, and vice versa
  • Data sharing x members to data sharing y members
  • Cross version cloning

Homogeneous Object Copies (HOC) clones just the data you need. HOC clones either single objects or groups of objects based on these approaches:

  • Generation of DDL to run on the target system, i.e., when only the DDL is needed
  • Data cloning from source to target, i.e., when only the object data is needed
  • Both generation of DDL for execution on the target system and data cloning, i.e., to fully duplicate objects

ICE is fully customizable to fit any environment. ICE: Clone in minutes instead of days.