A high-performance bulk data extraction, transformation and load (ETL) component is included with the SQData product, eliminating the need for a 3rd party ETL tool.


  • High-performance bulk data extracts and loads
  • Heterogeneous database support
  • Transformation rules can be utilized for changed data capture (CDC)
  • Scalable for high-volume transaction workloads and/or data isolation
  • Facilitates bi-directional/multi-directional replication
  • Multiple data formats, including XML, delimited, binary, etc.
  • Interfaces with 3rd party ETL products from leading software vendors
  • Support for CDC Enhanced ETL
  • Data delivery via queues, TCP/IP ports, sequential files, staging tables, etc.
  • Rapid deployment


Supported Databases:

  • IMS – Fastpath, full function, IMS/DC, DBCTL, CICS/DLI
  • DB2 z/OS
  • VSAM z/OS
  • DB2 LUW
  • Oracle
  • Sequential files
  • SQL Server, MySQL and other major RDBMS