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SQData’s customers tend to be large, Fortune 1000 companies with high transaction volumes who need a reliable data integration solution at a reasonable cost.

Customer Use:

  • Continuous Availability of Critical Applications
  • Dynamic Operational Datastore (ODS) Deployment
  • Data Warehouse Population: ETL & Changed Data Capture (CDC)
  • Real-Time Business Event Detection and Publishing
  • Enterprise Data Integration: Mainframe & Distributed Platforms
  • Application Co-Existence
  • Data Conversions/Migrations

Key Benefits:

  • Multi-Purpose Data Integration Toolset
  • Less Cost / More Capability than other Vendor Solutions
  • Minimal Resources Required to Deploy and Operate
  • Best Practices Guidance and Mentoring

We encourage you to visit with our customers to get their feedback on how they are using SQData and what their experience has been in working with us. If you are interested in a customer conversation, please contact us.